5 Tips to set attainable goals for 2020

Who is else is excited about being alive in another decade, having another chance to pursue our dreams and grow our businesses, I’m guessing you are too!!

Like everyone else, I hope you have gone through a little bit of soul searching, goal setting to envision what you want to achieve in this new year, if not….. It’s not too late, take the plunge! Start Now!

Success comes with proper planning and execution. I have gotten lots of enquiries asking best ways to follow through with a goal.


goals 2020

Want to achieve your best potential for 2020? 

To get the best of the year 2020!  You have to set goals that motivate you, goals that keep you awake at night or even dreaming about them lol.

Most people set goals the wrong way! some set goals that are only monetary and it gets a bit overwhelming when they are not meeting the set goals.

So instead of just setting this type of goal  ‘I want to make N25,000,000 for the year 2020″

Set something like this ‘I want to help 1000 SME’s hire competent and reliable employees, while also contributing my quota to decreasing the unemployability rate of young graduates and In turn, make N50,000,000 in revenue for the year 2020″

Why is my goal different you asked? 

1. I understand the means at which I want to make N50 million for the year 2020. I.e the service at which I want to use to earn that revenue. 

2. It is motivational, I understand how hard it is for businesses to find credible employees and I’m committing to finding suitable candidates.  While also contributing my wealth of knowledge to improve young graduates such that they will be equipped for the job market.

3. My goal is SMART; It’s specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timebound. This trick is a lifesaver, helps clarify the goal and makes it easy to celebrate milestones as regards the goal. 

4.  Make an action plan; breakdown your goal daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, as well as metrics to measure success per those timelines. e.g With 52 weeks in a year, that means I have to fill 19 vacancies per week to achieve hiring 1000 candidates for businesses. Here, you also want to determine if you have the necessary resources that will make it easy to attain the goal. 

5. Be consistent; Your goal is an ongoing activity not a means to an end. Be committed to the bigger picture, most times the action plan set will evolve per what your customers want, but the GOAL always remains the motivation to succeeding. 

Thank you for coming to my TED talk. What do you think about sending me the goal you set for yourself and business for the year 2020? 

I would love to hold your hands creating Action Plans you can follow through to achieve your desired goal. 

Interested? comment below with your goal! Guess the best part….. It’s FREE (You just have to promise to follow through). 

P.S This offer last till Wednesday 8th of January, after which it’s GONE!!


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  1. ope says:

    Thank you marvel for this lovely piece, I have learnt how to set better goals.

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