Nigerian Answers to 3 Tough Interview Questions

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Have you been on a series of interviews the past couple of months with no luck?
Do you have an interview coming up soon?

Then this article is for you, learn the tips to answering some of the most frequently asked interview questions.

You are going to get details of how to answer interview questions the best way possible as well as do’s and don’t to get you to STANDOUT & GET HIRED.

For the purpose of this article, The candidate answering is inexperienced and a recent graduate.

So let’s get right into it……

3 Tough Interview Questions and Answers

It is advisable that you practice these questions and come up with answers that are unique to you based on your skill and competency rather than crammed versions that are available, recruiters always sense a lack of confidence and that detours your chances of getting HIRED!

Practice and understand the question and answers, so you can craft your answers and become comfortable and CONFIDENT

Question 1:

Tell me about yourself?

Here, the recruiter is asking you for a short summary of who you are professionally and why you are the best man for the job. Your answer should be crafted in a way it highlights your best possible skill or value that can be a deciding factor for hiring you.

PS:  keep it less than 2 minutes 

To answer this question, we advise the use of  a simple formula, which breaks the question into three component parts;

Who Are You Professionally + Highlight Achievements or Skills + Why Are You Here

Example Answer:

I’m a recent graduate of computer engineering from the prestigious University of Lagos, while in school, I developed an interest in Java programming language which I used to create a study application for the faculty of sciences, that got over 2500 downloads within 3 months. I’m looking for the opportunity to grow, sharpen my programming skills and commit to building more apps.

Question 2:

 Why do you want to work here?

The recruiter is asking to know if you did your research about the company and if you choose them rather than applied randomly.

You want to show them that you know what the job involves and you are excited to be interviewing to work with them on the said role.

To answer this question you want to show that;

  • You did your research about the job and company
  • The role is in line with your career goals
  • You are excited about the opportunity to work for them

Example Answer:

I’ve been actively searching for jobs since graduating with my Computer Engineering degree. I’m interested in software development especially productive applications and I’ve seen some of the apps built by your company mentioned on Techcrunch as well articles complimenting some of your lead programmers. I thought the job description matched up well with my background and would want to be known for building productive apps that can thrive in Nigeria, so it will be an honour to be a part of your company.

Question 3:

 Why should we hire you?

Here, you want to highlight the BENEFITS of hiring you.

You want to let them in on the skills that you have that are beneficial to the job role and how dedicated you will be to bringing their vision to life.

To answer this question you want to;

  • Confidently describe your skills and competence in line with the job role.
  • Highlight an accomplishment based on the skill mentioned

Example Answer:

You should hire me for my passion for learning new languages and building bug-free applications, I can write Java, C++ and python well, which was advertised as the languages needed for the role. I also pride myself on being able to work well in teams and delivering projects on time.


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I hope you got a lot of insights from this read and it has helped you prepare for your next interview, Comment if you have more questions, we will be happy to respond.


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