Top Tips For Hiring Reliable Employee

Tips For Hiring Reliable Employees

Tips For Hiring Reliable Employees

Employees are arguably very important elements in businesses, they work with you to achieve your business objectives and ensure that your customers are satisfied with your product or service offering.

In Nigeria today, we constantly hear and keep reading about the unemployment rate, yet a lot of business owners say they hardly find staff! THATS ODD RIGHT?  but its true, finding reliable and competent staff has become a hard chore.

We will be giving top tips on finding and hiring reliable employees.

Tip 1: Define the job role and performance metrics  

Understanding the role and performance expectations as well as documenting it allows you to find the right hire for the role. During this stage, you determine the requirements for the role as well as the background needed to be competent on the job.

Tip 2: Advertise to find open candidates

Finding interested candidates can be easy especially with job platforms such as Jobberman, Ngcareers e.t.c Interestingly social adverts have become increasingly effective, where you can advertise your opening on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even as a simple WhatsApp broadcast message and get thousands of applications.

Note: Its best to create a specific email address for receiving applications, else applications will flood your email and you might miss out on priority messages.

Tip 3: Screen based on background and job requirement

The work begins when you start to screen, It is recommended to have a two-way screening method, where you screen based on background, job requirements, and the skills, experience gathered during the candidate’s career. Once you have screened your candidates! now call them for an interview ….

Tip 4:  Interview

With technology advancements, you don’t need to have candidates visit your office, you can conduct interviews via Skype, and other online meeting platforms/  Interview them to get more clarity on their resume, career challenges and achievements as well as personal values and traits. This helps you find candidates who have the skill set required to fill the role and gives you an insight into the candidates behavioural traits.

Bonus Tip: Hire candidates who rank high on these three criteria

Recruitment ccriteria vary in different organisations and firms, most commonly the criterias the candidates should meet are;

  1. Behavioral \ Personality Assessments
  2. Skills/ Technical Competency
  3. Solution / Value Driven Assessments

Research has shown that candidates who meet all three criterias are rare! but employers should watch out for / candidates who lack criteria 1 (behaviour/personality ) in this case the candidates behavioural traits doesnt match with the company’s culture and might poison other employees or affect general business goals.

Criteria 2 & 3 can be learned and attained with time and yearning to earn them from the candidate.

As straight and easy as these tips sound they are tedious and time consuming, which can leave business owners tired and desperate. With those feelings, one can make hasty decisions which are not usually the best for the company.

We can asisst you to hire Reliable, Competent staff, in time and at a very affordable rate. Contact us we will be happy to help.

Have you used any of these tips to hire a staff, or have you experinced difficulty in hiring a staff in Nigeria? comment below, we would love to know.


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