Anomaly Productions

The Challenge:
The brain behind Anomaly production has a vision to showcase the real estate industry in Nigeria to the world at large. Telling a story about every building project or furnishing and exploring the industry in ways none other has. He is so passionate and thought he could handle all duties by himself, From social media to presenting to producing and marketing.
After about 5 month working on his dream, he realized he wasn’t achieving as much as he can and didn’t have enough source to pull together to many staff at the same time.
He reached out to Marvel Advisory and our goal was to help him delegate a lot of his activities while he focused on Producing and ensuring his TV show airs on the best station in Nigeria.

The Solution:
A value driven hire and outsourcing of some newly delegate roles.
Marvel Advisory had a team of people shadow his day to day activities, trying to understand what he does, the deliverables for each tasks and realized he wants to be behind the scenes and find the best possible ways to tell the story as that’s where his passion lies.

1. We agreed to delegate some tasks and put them together into these two job roles;
Role 1: Media Fulfillment Executive – The key role activities includes
– PR and content creation for all social and print media channels
– Sourcing for interesting real estate stories and presenting

Role 2: Client Service Executive
– Prospects and follows up on new business
– Attends to enquiries and sponsorship opportunities

2. Based on the overall business objective and work culture, We helped recruit the best talents for the role.
During the recruitment process we discovered raw talents that are passionate, solution driven and ready to do the impossible.
With our help, Anomaly production added to their team.
3. We designed a system with bespoke metrics to determine and measure the performances of the new hires.
We agreed on a monthly employee appraisal and a biannually company-wide appraisal to ensure the company is on track with its objectives.

The Result:
Production of 6 episodes, 20 business prospects, A team that strives to achieve the business objectives

The ripple effect gotten from proper delegation is an increase in productivity.
Anomaly productions noticed a 35% increase in task delivery, The team delivered on their task, while the CEO, focused to delivering top notch production quality and telling his real estate story to the world.
The diagram summarizes the solution proffered for Anomaly production LTD.

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